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7 10 2008

A Maserati MC12 is the more classy sibling of the Enzo in my eyes. Where most Enzo’s are screaming examples of the look-at-me kind, the MC12 is a more mature version. (Predominantly because of a more mature colour scheme).
And then… there is this shot wich says it all to me. A classy car in B&W in its natural habitat. Props to you Glenn Nuyens! Great car and great shot.


Ok, time to eat some humble pie. The picture below isn’t a MC12, it’s an Enzo FXX. Thanks Jeroen for the correction. I could think of a million excuses why I made this error, but put simply: I f*cked up. But my opinion about the MC12 v. Enzo/Enzo FXX still stands 😀

, originally uploaded by Glenn N..



2 responses

9 10 2008

Dit is geen MC12 maar een Ferarri FXX

9 10 2008

Je hebt gelijk… ik voel me nu best wel heel erg achterlijk. De ronde vorm van de neus heeft me op het verkeerde been gezet. Bedankt voor je correctie!

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