Must see | Wagenwerks

27 02 2009

If you like VW’s, you’ll like Wagenwerks.

New Film from wagenwerks on Vimeo.


Must see | Fog

24 02 2009

An M6 isn’t my cup of tea, but when you film it like this… even I like the car.

BMW M6 from VITA BREVIS on Vimeo.

Snap shot | K1 Attack @ Zolder

24 02 2009

K1 Attack, originally uploaded by Michael Bakker.

Hyped with agression, just the way i like it! Great shot Michael.

Must see | TAS in five minutes

20 02 2009

Five minutes of Japanese goodness…

Tokyo Auto Salon 2009 from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

Snap shot | Garage 13

20 02 2009

Garage 13, originally uploaded by Paddy McGrath.

This is what the photographer has to say:

Just been having a lot of fun lately playing with different methods of processing. It’s great to not have to worry about clients and to just go mad for a while.

The shot was lit with a 580EX II and an SB800.

I created the ‘Dave Hill’ look in Lightroom by whacking up the fill light, clarity, contrast, vibrance and pulling back the saturation. I then brought the original and the ‘Hill’ one into photoshop and carefully brushed the original car onto the Dave Hill layer.

Hope you like…

Well… all I can say is, Paddy it looks great!

Snap shot | Eagle eyed

17 02 2009

CN09, originally uploaded by dimanatti.

Great shot of one of the best looking types of Impreza to date. I don’t know much about the car or it’s spec’s, but it looks good. At least I can spot a front entry manifold and a front mount intercooler, but the latter is a pretty common upgrade.

ETA: is the website of the Canadian Sports Compact Series, consisting of drift, time-attack, drag and a show and shine contest. But, no sign of this Impreza in all of the driver profiles. The search continues…

Must see | Silverstone Time Attack

10 02 2009

SILVERSTONE from Clashproduction on Vimeo.