30 06 2009

Ok, I showed you the trailer. Now enjoy the real thing!



Snap shot | Lamborghini MurciĆ©lago LP640 Roadster

27 06 2009

A wall of speed and sound!

This photo is of Mark Nauta’s last shoot. Soon he will post more on his flickr-account.

Snap shot | LP560-4

26 06 2009

Why I love Lamborghinis. Thanks Dennis!

LP560-4., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Must see | Formula D 09: The Story So Far

23 06 2009

Speedhunters released a new movie, Formula D 09: The Story So Far. It’s great. What they say about it:

When we launched just over a year ago we had two types of videos in production: Slo-Mo Moments and Car Tours. This worked well for a while, but soon it became time to switch things up.

We moved on to creating Montage Videos which set racing action against scored music beds. This again was a good thing as we ended up making some pretty cool videos last year especially our Ebisu Drift, MSC, Team Orange and the Spa FIA GT Videos.

This particular video started out as a Long Beach Formula D music montage film. In fact we almost ended up releasing it after Long Beach, but put the brakes on as the last moment.

I just didn’t find the video to be inspiring and exciting, it felt like more of the same if that makes sense… and it also didn’t compare well against the drift-music montage films being produced by Will Roegge and Josh Herron.

A new style was needed…. After several false starts, I think we’ve found something.

So I’d like to present to you what I’m going to term: the Speedhunters Mediascape. Sounds lofty, but I think it’s the best descriptive term for what you’re about to see.

This video chronicles The Story So Far from rounds 1-3 of Formula Drift 2009… We hope you like it!

Well… I like it. Enjoy!

FORMULA D 09: THE STORY SO FAR from The SpeedHunters on Vimeo.

Josue ITR by Fat Kid Photography

23 06 2009

Somebody is making a name for himself fast in the online automotive community, and especially in the Honda circles. The name? Fat Kid Photography. He’s a talented guy with some of the sickest rides in front of his lens(es). One of those is this Integra Type R, a clean ride with attention to detail, look at those wheels.

From here on I’ll let the pictures say their stuff!

Josue Rolling, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Josue ITR, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Josue ITR, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Josue ITR, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

More shots in this set on flickr.

Must see | Formula D, New Jersey – “The Gauntlet”

22 06 2009

Joshua Herron’s view on Formula D, New Jersey.

Formula D, New Jersey – “The Gauntlet” from Joshua Herron on Vimeo.

He’s got a good view! Nice work as ever Joshua.

Must see | Peugeot 908 HDI FAP

18 06 2009

A little insight into movie-making by Clashproduction. They never cease to amaze. Great shots, great music and great editing. Off course it helps that the subject is great too.

Peugeot 908 HDI FAP from Clashproduction on Vimeo.