Beautiful Bug Eye by Kyle McManus

27 09 2009

The bug eye Impreza is kind of the ugly duckling in the Subaru community (but there is doubt if this is place is being taken by the new Impreza…). This example, shot by Kyle McManus, does make the fairytale ending all the more believable. A great colour combined with a great set of wheels (Advan RS?) and the loss of a spolier, make a seriously dedicated car. I like very much!

IMG_0258, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

IMG_0249, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

IMG_0248, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

IMG_0227, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

IMG_0226, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

And showing support for the Fatlace crew while rocking carbon mirrors!

Fatlace WRX, originally uploaded by Kyle McManus.

GRB Done Right by Logan Schlegel

24 09 2009

The latest Impreza (GRB) is subject of many discussions. Most people don’t seem to like the styling. But seeing this example has made want to defend the GRB from anyone saying this car doesn’t look good! Man, what an agressive beast.

More info on the wheels @ Hellaflush

IMG_0080, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

IMG_0022, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

IMG_0031, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

IMG_0030, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

IMG_0088, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

Must see | Team Falken Explains

23 09 2009

Team Falken explains why they choose to run ALMS and how they prepare for Petit le Mans. It’s a good inside view into the making of a GT2 racing team.

Team Falken Chooses the Petit Le Mans as the Ultimate Proving Ground from Falken Tire on Vimeo.

Snap shot | Rex @ Jaf

21 09 2009

One the top RX-7s of Holland, the Mazda RX-7 at JAF (Japanese Autosport Festival) at Assen. Built for the track and to showcase his shop. This car has, amongst a whole lot of other things, a V-Mount set and thoroughly reworked engine. Nice!

JAF_442-(1-of-1), originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

JAF_476-(1-of-1), originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

And their R33 GT-R:

JAF_489-(1-of-1), originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

Snap shot | Challenge stradale in motion

21 09 2009

The way sports and super cars should be seen, in motion.

Challenge stradale in motion, originally uploaded by terpstra.peter.

Snap shot | Pann Auto BBQ

21 09 2009

Not one of his greatest shots, but Fat Kid is on the money with this one. Three NSX’s? That’s just greedy man! The first one should lose the stickers, but I’d gladly take the keys of any one of them.

Pann Auto BBQ, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Must see | Gatebil – Rudskogen 2009 testday

19 09 2009

Epic! Great variety of highly modified metal, nothing stock!

Gatebil Rudskogen 2009 – “Testday” from Marius Hesleskaug on Vimeo.