S2KI, thanks for the support!

6 10 2009

Coming home from a few days away (to Disneyland Paris) I saw a huge spike in the stats of this blog… turns out the good people of S2KI linked to my blog!

So for everyone there, thanks for your support. I’ve been mainly blogging for my own enjoyment, but it feels good to be appreciated.

By the way, if you have any photos you like to share, hit me up @ erik.hendrikx[at]me.com!

S2KI, this one is for you!

J’s S2000 1, originally uploaded by Mike Boldt.



3 responses

25 10 2009
nitty beat (nit)

hey whats up!! i like this one. i linked your website on s2ki cuz you were showing alot of love for s2ki especially the one reppin my crew and fat kid photo, so i return the favor of posting your site on s2ki.com.


25 10 2009

Everything’s fine! Busy at work and with my house (during construction)so lacking on updates… But thanks for the plug! Still on the lookout for S2Ks and Hondas in general. Hopefully some good new shit next week!

27 10 2009
nitty beat (nit)

hopefully more porsche and ferraris stuff! i love love porsches and ferraris.

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