Snap shot | More S2K by Khris aka EJ

23 01 2010

Not the same S2K, at least, that’s what I think. The wheels are different and no flares. But… the color looks the same. And what a color it is.

DSC_8726(P)(E), originally uploaded by Khris H. aka EJ_Allmota.

DSC_8720(P)(E), originally uploaded by Khris H. aka EJ_Allmota.

And Khris; my congratulations on making the magazine! Well deserved! A great shot and car like that deserve an even bigger audience.




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30 01 2010

You´re damn right! The thing that amazes me most about many S2000 buyers is that they have enormous taste in cars, but lousy taste in color. I see to many dull grey S2000´s. Oké, what if there were only a few colors to choose from an you don´t want to repaint the whole car, then at least take the blue one.

Although I always keep a soft spot for Honda (I owned 3 Civics, not at the same time) and it was love at first site with th S2000, I still went for ´exciting´ rather then ´beautiful´ and bought a TVR instead. Oké, the S2000 is also lots of fun to drive, but only at high revs. The TVR is exciting at every speed, even while revving stationairy. Know what I mean?

30 01 2010

Dark Grey maybe a dull color, but it still is on top of my list. But it is true that a lot of people don’t dare to pick a daring color. That’s a shame. Personally I’d paint it a light flat grey, slam on some bronze wheels and drive it a groundscraping stance… but those are just dreams 😀

30 01 2010

and that is another reason what I like about TVR. Although the cars are pretty awesome to look at, the colors in wich TVR are available – especilly the 2-tone ‘chameleon’ type – are sometimes even right down criminally insane.

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