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30 01 2010

It pops!

That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Logan’s new shots of his new shape WRX. I think the general opinion of people was that at first they didn’t like the new shape, at all.
Now more and more enhanced examples are popping op, people are starting to like it. Including me!

IMG_1022, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

And one more for the groundhugging stance.

IMG_1061, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.



One response

30 01 2010

I’ve always liked the hatchies, but I don’t like the sedans. Until I see a nicely done one.

The WRX POPS!!!! on the first pick because of that orange background.

Best mod for the hatchies(exteriors wise) have to be the red overlays for the tail lights.

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