Snap shot | U Haul *ss

25 02 2010

This one fine shot by Rockets, and U-Haul should be pleased with this great advertisement! It wasn’t planned as such, but just a case of luck. Nevertheless, it adds to the shot and the processing done bu Rockets takes it to a whole new level!

Nice ride, great shot!

Timing, originally uploaded by Rockets..



2 responses

26 02 2010

I heart rolling shots, specially with such a nice S14 in the pic

26 02 2010

I like all good shots 😉 Rolling, panning, rigged, static… It’s more about the feeling I get from seeing a photo. But rolling shots do have a certain vibe that you don’t get in a normal photo. The sense of motion, speed or in this case, a chilled and relaxed vibe. But that also comes from the processing done by Rockets. So, I heart crossprocessing! 😀

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