MR2, Dr. Robot vs. Rocket.’s

9 04 2010

Imagine this, you are scrolling trough Flickr and you stumble upon a car that looks pretty good. You make a mental note to blog it. Then you scan some more portfolio’s… and think, hey, I’ve seen this car before!

So I present to you! The MR2, shot by Dr. Robot and Rocket.’s. You be the judge.

First up, Dr. Robot:

Scrapyard, originally uploaded by Dr. Robot.

Underpass, originally uploaded by Dr. Robot.

And in the rebound, Rocket.’s:

Mr.Two, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Trubo, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Le Hanger, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Fogs, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Comeback for Dr. Robot?

Rego, originally uploaded by Dr. Robot.



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