Pixeleye Interactive // Dirk Behlau

4 06 2010

And now… something completely different!

One of the photostream’s I’ve been following for a long time is the one of Pixeleye Interactive or Dirk Behlau. Dirk is a German photographer/designer with a penchant for anything hotrod/rockabilly/custom/whatever… Below you’ll find some examples of his work.

Why am I so attracted to his work? Because everything fits! All is in style with the subject and there isn’t one thing that doesn’t comply with the overall theme. Form the band photos to the design, from the model shoots to the car shoots, all have that same though vibe. And that’s why I love it.

It doesn’t really fit in the overall theme of this blog, but I just wanted to show you a great artist and his work. Enjoy!




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