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16 08 2010

I’m finally throwing the towel in the ring. Or less dramatic, I’m giving up this blog. I’ve enjoyed writing stuff and finding photo’s and video’s. But lately I haven’t been able to keep it up to the standard that I wanted it to be. Things have changed in my private life and choices have to be made. So I choose to spend my my free time differently and this blog doesn’t fit in anymore.

Thanks to all who enjoyed this blog and visited and commented. A special thanks to other bloggers who kept me in their blogroll. All’s good and who knows what the future brings! Rev it up!




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24 08 2010
sos leo

hate to see the blog go, but we all have to do what we have to do.

26 08 2010

Best of luck with your future endeavors! 😀

25 09 2010

Id be more than happy to continue the legacy for you.

Email me

13 07 2012

Hi, just curious about the 675. Would you say its too slow for me? (i’ve been riding for 8 yrs done trackdays etc., but never owned a sportsbike). My last bike was Ducati MS w/ 100hp and abut 70lb ft

13 07 2012

Odd place to react on my bike, but… The 675 isn’t slow, especially not when street riding. It has less torque then a Monster but it’s got more horsepower. The biggest difference between a Monster and a 675 is the seating position and the power delivery. The Duc is about low down torque, the Daytona is about the revs. The 675 is a bit smoother.

Just try one and see how you get on 😉 Oh, and head over to We’re a friendly bunch.

7 08 2012

You aren’t contactable on PH 😛
I just rode one and it was on the street fun, I didnt really have a chance to open it up on the testride as it was v short but it seemed quick but not exactly fast.

its just I figure if its slow enough for a n00b it may not be quick enough for me;)

Love the sound though I didnt quite get on with the riding posn. Only reason I considered it was that I didn’t want to look a nob on an RSV4, all gear no clue, but might just do CSS Level 3 to sort that out.

7 08 2012

Fixed it on PH 😀 The riding position is pretty aggressive. An RSV4 is a lovely beast and a lot faster than a D675. If you can, book another test ride and open it up in 2nd. You’ll be hitting 180km/h when you shift up to 3rd 😉

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