That’s it…

16 08 2010

I’m finally throwing the towel in the ring. Or less dramatic, I’m giving up this blog. I’ve enjoyed writing stuff and finding photo’s and video’s. But lately I haven’t been able to keep it up to the standard that I wanted it to be. Things have changed in my private life and choices have to be made. So I choose to spend my my free time differently and this blog doesn’t fit in anymore.

Thanks to all who enjoyed this blog and visited and commented. A special thanks to other bloggers who kept me in their blogroll. All’s good and who knows what the future brings! Rev it up!


31 05 2010

Finally an update? Yeah, finally… Lately I’ve been very busy with my work and this:

This is going to be my house (at least, the top floor) where I will be living with my girl. So the last weeks have I’ve been running in to IKEA, all sorts of furniture stores when I wasn’t racing around Holland for work.

In the back of my mind I had a nagging thought: ” What about your blog man!” I’ve even been thinking of quitting it all…

But… I’m sticking to it and I’m going to make a new effort. This week the Paradigit ELE-Rally will be back in town again, so expect a feature and I’ll be running through Flickr and Vimeo again to see what I can find.

Back in business? Yeah!

It’s time…

10 02 2010

for some long due updates. Lately I’ve been hellabusy at work and I’ve had to combine that with a course in Adobe Illustrator and somewhat of a social life. But… I’ve completed the course, got the certificate but sadly no t-shirt. So now it’s time to focus some of my attention back on the blog. Expect some more updates in the coming weeks.

What can you expect?
For starters, new snap shots and must sees. I’ll put up what I can find on my adventures through the interwebz. Also, I’ll be reinstating the blog roll. I think it’s more than fair to give credit to the blogs I enjoy to read. If you’ve got any blogs worth mentioning, hit up the comments and I’ll put up the blog in the roll.

New theme, tell me what you think?

21 01 2010

Just trying some new stuff. Tell me what yout think of the new theme.
I thought it was time for a change, but I haven’t really found what I was looking for, this comes close though.
Maybe it’s time to start working on my own theme…

Feedback please! 😀

EDIT: Freshy is back… Although I did like the idea of the new theme, it was to ‘busy’ for my taste. So, my next project will be making a new theme for this blog.

Fatlace X Rays Engineering

30 11 2009

Fatlace X Rays Engineering

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Everyone’s favourite wheel company is coming to a t-shirt near you! Check Fatlace and their store. No release date yet, but for all the wheel whores out there, keep checking. Shipments will travel the oceans, so for us Europeans, no problemo! Oh, and they ship fast. (I had my shipment of shirts in about a week after placing my order, for US to Holland, that’s fast!)

Must see | BMW E46 M Compact

23 07 2009

Not just about cars…

This latest film form Format67 isn’t all about cars. it’s about the cold destiny that awaits us all, the grave. But… being Format67 they just couldn’t leave out cars, so about halfway trough there is a nice BMW E46 M Compact. Enjoy!


Bild 10, originally uploaded by FORMAT67.

Ginetta G50 | Ben Elliot Racing

30 07 2008

The Ginetta G50 isn’t one of the most famous cars, most people don’t even know the Ginetta brand. A long time ago (I think somewhere in the 70’s) Ginetta made small sportscars. Some of those are even in Gran Turismo.

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Today Ginetta builds a great track car. Just watch the clip of Ben Elliot racing in his G50. The car just looks right. In my eyes it’s got a mix of current Ferraris, Vipers and design cues from older Ginettas. It is powered by a Ford 3,5l V6 wich is midmounted and drives a sequential gearbox to the rearwheels. The engine has 300bhp and the car itself weighs 800kg.

G50 Promotional film in HD – Ben Elliott Racing from Trackday Films on Vimeo.

And now the very good news… if my memory serves me, according to an article in EVO some time ago, the G50 will also be available as a roadcar! Read EVO’s test of the racerhere.

And to top it off, some shots of the G50 in action:

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50

Ginetta G50