Snap shot | My Sti

10 06 2010

The Hawk-Eye Impreza might be a bit older now, but it still is an impressive machine with looks to match. Mister Furlong’s example even more so thanks to some subtle enhancements like the wheels and stance and the removal of the wing. Classy but mean is how I would describe it… in fact, I just did!

My Sti, originally uploaded by A. Furlong Photography.

Snap shot | And We’re Off!

7 06 2010

Talk about timing. Dirk Behlau shot this at exactly the right time. By the way, check out the shifter… that’s sick!

Snap shot | 1/10th Shutter + Supra = Win!

7 06 2010

Seeing photo’s like these makes me see that I still have a long way to go when it comes to photography. But hey, at least it motivates me to do better. Nice work Rockets.!

1/10th Shutter + Supra = Win!, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Pixeleye Interactive // Dirk Behlau

4 06 2010

And now… something completely different!

One of the photostream’s I’ve been following for a long time is the one of Pixeleye Interactive or Dirk Behlau. Dirk is a German photographer/designer with a penchant for anything hotrod/rockabilly/custom/whatever… Below you’ll find some examples of his work.

Why am I so attracted to his work? Because everything fits! All is in style with the subject and there isn’t one thing that doesn’t comply with the overall theme. Form the band photos to the design, from the model shoots to the car shoots, all have that same though vibe. And that’s why I love it.

It doesn’t really fit in the overall theme of this blog, but I just wanted to show you a great artist and his work. Enjoy!

NSX by Format67

4 06 2010

The photos…

The trailer…


In the year 2007 FORMAT67 was foundet by Daniel Michaelis. It was the only background to do Videos for the Japanese Community.
But the videos were also successful at other car communities.

After one year we are back where it all began. Where japanese exotic meets emotion.

This film about a honda nsx will be released this summer.
It is one of about 50 copies in germany and the only white one.

This Film shows the car driving thru frankfurt city – to the legendary green hell “nürburgring”.
What happens there you can see soon!

And now the agonizing wait for the release.

Must see | Gatebil 2010 – Våler

4 06 2010

Scandinavia… land of smoke, crazy angles and horsepower? Yep. It’s Gatebil again. Lovely people, just skip the donut stuff 😉

Gatebil 2010 – Våler from Marius Hesleskaug on Vimeo.

The first Gatebil event i 2010 was held at Vålerbanen in Norway. Nice weather, cars and tiresmoke is the formula to a fantastic weekend!
We look forward to Gatebil @ Mantorp in the start of July!

Snap shot | Team Nexen

3 06 2010

Purple much? Yes please!

Team Nexen, originally uploaded by Paddy McGrath.