Must see | Fatlace

2 04 2010

This clips been around for a few days, but it still needs to be on here. Drifting in it’s finest. Enjoy and support Fatlace!

FatLace from illest on Vimeo.

Drift Session


Must see | Vimeo mining

17 03 2010

Well, I haven’t posted much videos as of late. I hadn’t looked at Vimeo for a while, mostly because of a crappy browser and slooooow connection at my workplace. But… I did feel I needed to show you these!
Maybe you’ve seen one or all, but enjoy anyway!

Bri’s S14 Zenki (built by Ace Up motorsports) from Team TopFlight on Vimeo.

Hella Flush 3.5 and TDC with Calvin Wan from iPhilms on Vimeo.

Pro Am Irwindale from Grady Nguyen on Vimeo.

Roland Gallagher – 2009 Season from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

Must see | Calvin @ Thunder Drift

17 08 2009

Don’t know whats up with the banana and the girl on the scooter, but it’s a great clip of team Fatlace @ Thunderhill Raceway (remember the preview?).

Calvin @ Thunder Drift from iPhilms on Vimeo.

Must see | Team Fatlace @ Thunderhill

13 08 2009

On his blog @ Fatlace Mark Arcenal already mentioned going to Thunderhill for some hawaiian themed drifting. This is the first footage of his day. Here’s what he himself had to say @ vimeo.

Mark Arcenal, Calvin Wan, Jay Graphtech and Phillip Velasco went out to Thunderhill Raceway on August 11, 2009 and did a little filming. Here’s the intro to a larger video of the day.

This edit was filmed by Mark Arcenal using a Sanyo Xacti with a wide angle lens mounted on the back of his S14.

Team Fatlace at Thunderhill Raceway from fatlace on Vimeo.