Snap shot | Tractorpulling

2 11 2009

What do you get when you mix a whole lot of torque, wet gras and a heavy right foot? You get an RS6 doing it’s best impression of tractor pulling.

S6., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | Dirty R

28 10 2009

A white GT-R with the track muck still on it… I like! How much I like cars to shine and be pretty, everytime I see a dirty, used and abused supercar, sportscar or racing car, my hart skips a beat. Just seeing the dirt makes me think of long straights, sharp turns and mindnumbing speed. The first time I had this feeling was when I saw the Audi R8 that raced at the Le Mans 24hrs on a car show, still covered in grime, muck and dirt. Awesome!

Thanks for bringing back memories Dennis!

GT-R., originally uploaded by Denniske.

And right on cue…

GT-R., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | Casual cool

27 10 2009

Where do you park your car when it costs more than an average house (in Holland at least…)? If it were me, these things of beauty would be parked up in a nice heated garage. In Belgium however, they park these beasts on the side of the road… awesome!

Great spot by Denniske!

, originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | GT3 In The Carrousel

10 10 2009

GT3., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | EB110SS

23 08 2009

The Bugatti EB110 was an ill-fated project, but out of it all one of the great supercars was created. This EB110SS (SuperSport) is a great example of the short lived production run. I’d have one of these over a Veyron every day!

EB110SS., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | Z06, ready to strike

10 08 2009

Nothing is more intimidating than seeing a big ass sportscar approaching in your rearview mirror. This Z06 has the same effect, even when it’s standing still. The water only adds to the scene. Like a fighter who’s just done his warming-up and is now ready to kick the living shit out of anyone who happens to be around…

I like it!

Z06., originally uploaded by Denniske.

EDIT: more!

Z06., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | 288 GTO Evoluzione

10 08 2009

Dennis has shot one of my all time favourite Ferrari’s, the 288GTO Evoluzione. Orignally intended for Group-B racing, this is a monster. The non Evo version is in fact the forebearer of the famous F40. For it’s cult status, this beats a F40 every time.

Thanks Dennis!

288 GTO Evoluzione., originally uploaded by Denniske.