Ferrari 575M by Mike Boldt

17 03 2010

First I thought of making this a snap shot, but it is rare enough to make it a small feature. I mean, you don’t see pictures of a modified Ferrari everyday and won’t even mention seeing one in real life.
A Ferrari 575M (M for Maranello) is a development of the 550. It’s got a honking great V12 up front. What you see here is beautiful white example on black wheels with a little red pinstripe. Although I’ve personally had enough of that ish, these still look good on this particular car. The thing that spoke out to me though, was the rear. It’s just bad ass!

Hello 2010!!, originally uploaded by Mike Boldt.

Ferrari 575M Rear, originally uploaded by Mike Boldt.

Snap shot | Challenge stradale in motion

21 09 2009

The way sports and super cars should be seen, in motion.

Challenge stradale in motion, originally uploaded by terpstra.peter.

Snap shot | 288 GTO Evoluzione

10 08 2009

Dennis has shot one of my all time favourite Ferrari’s, the 288GTO Evoluzione. Orignally intended for Group-B racing, this is a monster. The non Evo version is in fact the forebearer of the famous F40. For it’s cult status, this beats a F40 every time.

Thanks Dennis!

288 GTO Evoluzione., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | 16M

14 07 2009

You pretty much can’t go anymore exclusive in the current line-up of Ferrari’s (except the ‘XX’ models…) than this F430 Scuderia Spider 16M. Being a special of a special, this is pretty… uh… special (and not in the retard way).

Great shot Dennis!

16M., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | F40LM

2 07 2009

Another one from Dennis (to balance out the darkside in the form of the Merc 😀 ). This brings back childhood memories, the time I spent drawing F40’s…

F40LM., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | SpaItalia 2009

15 06 2009

Just couldn’t resist posting this one. Finally a Ferrari driven in anger!

SpaItalia 2009, originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

Snap shot | How cool do you want it?

13 10 2008

Ferrari 430 Scuderia, gold on black… mean. I like it. Thanks Dennis!

Ferrari 430 Scuderia., originally uploaded by Denniske.