Snap shot | T350T @ Speed

18 01 2010

Pure speed captured in time…

Or something artsyfartsy, but still a great shot from Belgian Glenn Nuijens.

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Snap shot | 904 Carrera GTS

26 11 2009

One of the more unknown Porsches. This genuine 904 Carrera GTS is an example of the succesfull Porsches that somehow still stand in the shadow of ‘the’ Porsche, the 911. Most people don’t even recognize this as a Porsche, but hey… not everybody is a car geek!

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Snap shot | Black sheep?

9 10 2008

I’m usually not a fan of Ferrari’s. Not because of the cars, but mostly because of their image. Frankly this has more to do with the owners than anything else, but… You know; ‘ If it ain’t red, it ain’t a Fezza…’ and ‘Look at me, I can afford a Ferrari’ (4th hand and then most of the time one of the old 4-door models).
This however, is something completely different. Black and menacing, this Enzo is just waiting to be unleashed out on to Spa. Or maybe it’s just the black sheep in the corner. ‘You’re not a Fezza, you’re not even red’…

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Snap shot | Ready to fight

7 10 2008

Lamborghini’s have always been in my dream garage. Why? Because of the balanced agression. You know it when you see it. The fog in this shot just happens to emphasise those features.
It looks fast when standing still, and still posesses the abillity to be classy. At least that’s what I think. I believe that some horsepower and the legend of Lamborghini has something to do with it… Enjoy this shot.

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Snap shot | Pure class…

7 10 2008

A Maserati MC12 is the more classy sibling of the Enzo in my eyes. Where most Enzo’s are screaming examples of the look-at-me kind, the MC12 is a more mature version. (Predominantly because of a more mature colour scheme).
And then… there is this shot wich says it all to me. A classy car in B&W in its natural habitat. Props to you Glenn Nuyens! Great car and great shot.


Ok, time to eat some humble pie. The picture below isn’t a MC12, it’s an Enzo FXX. Thanks Jeroen for the correction. I could think of a million excuses why I made this error, but put simply: I f*cked up. But my opinion about the MC12 v. Enzo/Enzo FXX still stands 😀

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