Must see | The Man And The Porsche

28 12 2009

After the Porsches @ CPZ, it’s time for another dose of Porsche (or overdose!). This time in the form of a GT3 RSR. Yes, the full monty! ClasProduction followed the Dutch team of Dijkstra & Draisma/Lammertink Racing & Engineering to the track of Jerez in Spain and this great clip is the result of that little trip. Awesome!

In the clip you’ll also see mister Coronel, giving pointers to driver Biense Dijkstra.

The Man and the Porsche from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

Part 1- Directed by Stephane Benini
Thanks to Biense Dijkstra

By the way, some more good news… This is only part 1!