NSX by Format67

4 06 2010

The photos…

The trailer…


In the year 2007 FORMAT67 was foundet by Daniel Michaelis. It was the only background to do Videos for the Japanese Community.
But the videos were also successful at other car communities.

After one year we are back where it all began. Where japanese exotic meets emotion.

This film about a honda nsx will be released this summer.
It is one of about 50 copies in germany and the only white one.

This Film shows the car driving thru frankfurt city – to the legendary green hell “nürburgring”.
What happens there you can see soon!

And now the agonizing wait for the release.


Snap shot | Carbon On Black NSX

25 10 2009

Found this beauty on the Flickr account of ThePerfectExposure.. but this is the only shot and no info is given. The wheels look like the classic CE28N by Rays, but hey… that’s all I can say about this NSX.

Hit the comments if you’ve got more info!

IMG_3344_FINAL, originally uploaded by ThePerfectExposure.

NSX, my ultimate Honda

9 10 2009

Here they are… thanks to the pool of Hondatech I’ve been able to find some good shots of NSXs. If you aks me, this still is the ultimate Honda ever. So let’s start with a simple collage wich shows exactly why I love this car so much!

Honda NSX, originally uploaded by jamesgphoto.

Battle, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

DSC_4709.jpg, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

Teamwork, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

DSC_4911.jpg, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

DSC_4923.jpg, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

DSC_4925.jpg, originally uploaded by superphryxis.

Snap shot | Pann Auto BBQ

21 09 2009

Not one of his greatest shots, but Fat Kid is on the money with this one. Three NSX’s? That’s just greedy man! The first one should lose the stickers, but I’d gladly take the keys of any one of them.

Pann Auto BBQ, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Snap shot | NSX

9 07 2009

This is and has always been one of the contenders for the top spot on my dreamcar list, the everyday supercar. You know how it goes, everyone with just a bit of petrol (or gas, depending on wich side of the pond) makes a ‘what if I won the lottery’-list’. Mine is mostly full of Porsches and Lamborghini’s. But at, or near, the top of the list has always been the Honda/Acura NSX. This black one, shot by Fat Kid Photography, is another graphic reminder of the reason why…

GoTuning July 2009, originally uploaded by Fat Kid Photography.

Must see | Team Top End

23 07 2008

All NSX, all Wangan!