Snap shot | Inside LP640

16 06 2009

This is just amazing, great use of colors and composition!

Lp640R, originally uploaded by Buysie.

Snap shot | SpaItalia 2009

15 06 2009

Just couldn’t resist posting this one. Finally a Ferrari driven in anger!

SpaItalia 2009, originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

Snap shot | SpaItalia 2009

15 06 2009

One of my favorite cars and an all-time great, the Lancia Delta Integrale. This shot is taken at the famous hairpin of Spa Francorchamps by VJ Photography. Check him and his work on flickr.

SpaItalia 2009, originally uploaded by VJ Photography.

Must see | Porsche Spa 2009

13 06 2009

Okay, I’ve already shown you guys the trailer, now it is time for the real thing.

Clashproduction never ceases to amaze me!

PORSCHE SPA 2009 from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

Must see | Porsche Days Spa Francorchamps

22 05 2009

CLASHPRODUCTION’s video of the Porsche Days @ Spa is defintely one to watch, even if it resembles a trailer.

PORSCHE DAYS Spa Francorchamps from Clashproduction on Vimeo.

Snap shot | Black sheep?

9 10 2008

I’m usually not a fan of Ferrari’s. Not because of the cars, but mostly because of their image. Frankly this has more to do with the owners than anything else, but… You know; ‘ If it ain’t red, it ain’t a Fezza…’ and ‘Look at me, I can afford a Ferrari’ (4th hand and then most of the time one of the old 4-door models).
This however, is something completely different. Black and menacing, this Enzo is just waiting to be unleashed out on to Spa. Or maybe it’s just the black sheep in the corner. ‘You’re not a Fezza, you’re not even red’…

, originally uploaded by Glenn N..

Snap shot | Big brute all out

24 07 2008

Maserati Granturismo S., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Maserati Granturismo S by Dennis Noten at RMA Trackday 2008 on the circuit of Spa Francorchamps.