Must see | AWOL

10 10 2009

If you like cars in general and dubs in particular, the good fellows of Wagenwerks and Dubkorps have teamed up to bring you AWOL or Air & Water On Land. Featuring the best Dubs (and everything VAG related) per episode, this is set out to be good. Check the trailer and see for yourself. First episode airs this fall.

AWOL – The Teaser from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

AWOL – The next level of European automotive video, a collaboration between ourselves (wagenwerks) and DubKorps. Show coverage, feature cars, automotive lifestyle, and a whole lot more – brought to you in a slick new format.

We have a whole lot in store for you guys. Stay tuned and enjoy the SHOW!

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Must see | Golf Meeting 2009 by Format67

3 09 2009

And another one! Format 67 posted this trailer one What can you expect? Well, a whole lot of VW Golfs on the Ring. Check the video and the photo’s.


GOLF MEETING 2009, originally uploaded by FORMAT67.

GOLF MEETING 2009, originally uploaded by FORMAT67.

Must see | One to look out for

1 08 2009

Wagenwerks is working on a movie of their Worthersee 2009 tour. Seeing the cars in this preview, makes me want to see the eintre movie. Legendary cars like Big Ron’s MK1 always make a good show.

Worthersee Tour 2009 Teaser from wagenwerks on Vimeo.

MIVW 2009

19 07 2009

On the 12th of juli, MIVW held its annual event. For 2009, it was the ‘Airport Edition’. The hangars came in handy, because we had some typical Dutch summer weather…

Anyway, here are some of my shots. Photos didn’t come out the way I wanted it. Inside there was a difficult combo of low light, orange light and daylight. On top of that, I forgot my polarizer…

More here >>

20090712_MIVW2009_TT Coupe_2_EH, originally uploaded by hostyle001.

Snap shot | Dumped DUB pt.2

4 06 2009

As promised, the follow-up on the dumped Passat. Going on appearance allone… it could be a genuine R36. However, I don’t have any extra info yet. Hopefully I can give the full details in short time. Until then, enjoy the shots by Lennart.

Update: I spoke to Lennart about the car. It’s no R36, just a TDI cleverly disguised as… Too bad, but the execution is top notch!



Low down

Low down

Twin pipes

Twin pipes

This is the definition of low!

This is the definition of low!

More on Lennart’s photo-page at

Snap shot | Dumped DUB

1 06 2009

Really like this shot of a nicely dumped dub. Way to go Lennart. He will post more pictures, so check back later.

IMG_4128 copy, originally uploaded by lennartdijkstra.

Snap shot | Corrado on track …

16 03 2009

Corrado on track …, originally uploaded by Filip Francois.

For a while now I’ve only got a company car. Wich I am not allowed to modify. This bugs me… a lot. So every now and then my mind wanders and I start thinking about buying and building a dedicated track car. For the last few days a Corrado keeps popping into my head. And then, well I saw this. Now the Rado won’t go out of my head. I want one!