Snap shot | Rigged

10 02 2010

One car that keeps coming back to this blog is Logan Schlegel’s STI. This great rig shot just had to be featured. Clear skies, a nice Suby, the beach… I want my summer back!

_DSC0556_edited, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

Snap shot | Eddie’s STI

10 02 2010

This is one sweet STI. It’s been here before, but these new shots certainly look great.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Snap shot | Vibrant

30 01 2010

It pops!

That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw Logan’s new shots of his new shape WRX. I think the general opinion of people was that at first they didn’t like the new shape, at all.
Now more and more enhanced examples are popping op, people are starting to like it. Including me!

IMG_1022, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

And one more for the groundhugging stance.

IMG_1061, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

Snap shot | Hill Top Subie

24 11 2009

Well, the whole Street Racing thing is mostly over now every man and his dog have embraced drifting, TimeAttack and track driving. But this shot brings back memories!
Just look at that Subie ready to hit the streets!

Hill Top Subies, originally uploaded by A. Furlong Photography.

Snap shot | Mr. Schlegel On The Move

12 10 2009

Stance on the move. This is how you do it.

IMG956807.jpg, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.