Snap shot | Sunset STi

31 10 2009

My STi, originally uploaded by A. Furlong Photography.

Must see | Formula D Irwindale

29 10 2009

I’m still amazed at the quality of videos you find on Vimeo. After every event a new name pops up with a video that just oozes perfection. Take this clip Anton Duong. Espescially the opening scenes are killer!

Formula D Irwindale 2009 from Anton Duong on Vimeo.

Formula Drift – Irwindale 2009
Music by
Kennedy – Karate

Marketing/Media Solutions

Shot/Edited by
Anton Duong & Alex Iseri
Colored by
Alex Iseri

Snap shot | Dirty R

28 10 2009

A white GT-R with the track muck still on it… I like! How much I like cars to shine and be pretty, everytime I see a dirty, used and abused supercar, sportscar or racing car, my hart skips a beat. Just seeing the dirt makes me think of long straights, sharp turns and mindnumbing speed. The first time I had this feeling was when I saw the Audi R8 that raced at the Le Mans 24hrs on a car show, still covered in grime, muck and dirt. Awesome!

Thanks for bringing back memories Dennis!

GT-R., originally uploaded by Denniske.

And right on cue…

GT-R., originally uploaded by Denniske.

Must see | Stephane Benini Talks Clashproduction

28 10 2009 had a nice chat with Stephane Benini of Clashproduction fame. Nice to hear what Stephane has to say about motorsport and filming. A good way to spend roughly 12 minutes of your time.

Click here to go to Vimeo.

Must see | Judgement Day

27 10 2009

Formula D Irwindale 2009 Rd 7 “Judgement Day” from Abbitt Wilkerson on Vimeo.

I’ll let Abbitt do the talking:

This event was action packed

I was lucky enough to fly down Yoshi Shindo and meet up with MotorMavens crew.

Big Thanks Antonio and Travis from MotorMavens for everything! Thanks antonio im only putting this “cause im 17” hahahaa

Congratulations to Ryan Tuerk on the win!

thanks for the support everyone!

Snap shot | Casual cool

27 10 2009

Where do you park your car when it costs more than an average house (in Holland at least…)? If it were me, these things of beauty would be parked up in a nice heated garage. In Belgium however, they park these beasts on the side of the road… awesome!

Great spot by Denniske!

, originally uploaded by Denniske.

Snap shot | WFC STi’s Me and TimeAtk

26 10 2009

WFC: Wrong Fitment Crew… but nothing wrong about these two monsters. Great shot by A. Furlong!