Snap shot | Mmmmm… Evo

26 02 2010

Rockets says he wants one… and I’ll say the same!

I must say I’m really liking this car and the crossprocessing done by Rockets. I’m not so sure about the modifications done to this EVO IX RS, but I spy the following:
> carbon bumperlip
> carbon bonnetvent
> wingless
And probably much more!

Great car!

Evo, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Evo, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Snap shot | U Haul *ss

25 02 2010

This one fine shot by Rockets, and U-Haul should be pleased with this great advertisement! It wasn’t planned as such, but just a case of luck. Nevertheless, it adds to the shot and the processing done bu Rockets takes it to a whole new level!

Nice ride, great shot!

Timing, originally uploaded by Rockets..

Snap shot | BMW Z4 M CoupĂ©

25 02 2010

A car I’ve been starting to appreciate lately is the BMW Z4 Coupe. Especially in M guise this is one good looking machine. Seeing this one belt around Zandvoort reinforces this feeling.


BMW Z4 M Coupé, originally uploaded by EB.Photography.

Snap shot | Evo Sunset

24 02 2010

Is the sun setting on this blog?

Nope! I wrote in one of the last blogs that I would be updating more often. Sadly, work and private life interfered. But to make it up to you, I’ll be adding some posts this evening. So stay tuned!

Now, back to this Evo! Black on white with a stunning sunset in the background. What more do you need? (other than a nice track or winding road to take this beauty to the limit!)

Evo Sunset, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Snap shot | Rigged

10 02 2010

One car that keeps coming back to this blog is Logan Schlegel’s STI. This great rig shot just had to be featured. Clear skies, a nice Suby, the beach… I want my summer back!

_DSC0556_edited, originally uploaded by loganschlegel08.

Snap shot | Eddie’s STI

10 02 2010

This is one sweet STI. It’s been here before, but these new shots certainly look great.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

Eddie’s STI, originally uploaded by mnugent.

It’s time…

10 02 2010

for some long due updates. Lately I’ve been hellabusy at work and I’ve had to combine that with a course in Adobe Illustrator and somewhat of a social life. But… I’ve completed the course, got the certificate but sadly no t-shirt. So now it’s time to focus some of my attention back on the blog. Expect some more updates in the coming weeks.

What can you expect?
For starters, new snap shots and must sees. I’ll put up what I can find on my adventures through the interwebz. Also, I’ll be reinstating the blog roll. I think it’s more than fair to give credit to the blogs I enjoy to read. If you’ve got any blogs worth mentioning, hit up the comments and I’ll put up the blog in the roll.